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                                “ A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession”           - Hippocrates.                         

   Most injuries and ' dis-ease '  occurs as a result of imbalances in the musculo-skeletal myofascial structure caused physical trauma or more often than not by the psychological demands on modern life. Through repeated misuse the body develops tensions and weaknesses which  inhibit the correct functioning of the  autonomic healing system (consisting of respiratory, digestive, circulatory and endocrinal functions)causing  chronic inflammation resulting in illness.

     Dietary causes aside a visit to an osteopath may correct structural mis-alignement but often it is only a temporary solution as the habitual imbalance remains. As a consequence the injuries tend to be recurring as the root cause has not been addressed.

     Starting with postural analysis a specific exercise program is tailored to the individual's needs so as to facilitate a re-balancing and re-education of the musculo-skeletal and myo-fascial structure. Intrinsic to this learning  process is a  deepening of ones understanding of ones psycho-physiological response conditioning which may  or may not be the the root cause of the systemic imbalance.

    Due to a diverse training  in varies healing arts and specialisation in the use of  props and supports  for therapeutic purposes we are  able to provide remedial sessions to address specific issues.

                                   This is not a quick fix remedy and requires a committement to the healing process.



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