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THURSDAY 5th 19h15 & FRIDAY 6th OCTOBER at SAMASTHITI HOUSE of YOGA, rue Bourgarel,Antibes 06600





This 2+ hour workshop with JASON KALIDAS and Charles Cartmell, is a synergy of healing sound (Nada yoga) and Asana.The

combination of these two yogic practices enhance each other, bringing us further into connection with our own being.

   The practice will begin with rhythm inspired asana with live intuited Tabla rhythms;

clearing the mind, opening the body allowing Prana to flow.

   This liberated energy will then be channelled through our chakras by toning the Bija

Mantras accompanied by a harmonium.

   Concluding with supported and supine asanas we will take a healing meditative journey

through a harmonic landscape led by the Raagas (which can be describe as musical

‘entities’ ) played on the Indian classical flute(Bansuri) Immersing ourselves with complete

meditative absorption in the sound and the resonance within the physical and emotional

body one experiences the deeper Reality, reconnecting with the Infinite.

“prayatna shaithilya ananta samapattibhyam”

     Jason Kalidas is an Indian classical Bansuri player, Yoga of sound

facilitator, Bhakti and Nada yoga teacher and professional

Tabla player, He has studied Indian classical music under master

musicians in Varanasi, India over the last 20 years. He is rooted in

the Indian classical tradition of improvisation.He has worked on

numerous ‘Yoga and sacred sound’ projects with the worlds leading

yoga teachers

“Jason is a joy to play with; very fluid and harmonious on Bansuri,

and tight and funky on Tablas! I was impressed…” CRAIG PRUESS

“Kalidas plays from the heart drum pulse of pure devotion” BHAGAVAN DAS

“J’s playing is simultaneously fluid and fiery, earthly and ethereal” DAVE STRINGER

“J emanates the spirit of devotion, and creates inspired musical fusions and productions” ARJUN BABA


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